Rubbish Clearances

Thistle Removals Company Edinburgh will clear any type of waste, however big or small from anywhere on your premises.This removals company will then dispose of it responsibly, recycling as much as possible. Waste and Recycling Services are very important to this removals company from Edinburgh and is taken very seriously.

Rubbish Clearance Edinburgh

Waste Removal Types

We specialise on all types of waste removal and are equipped to handle most domestic, office and commercial waste.

Fully Licensed and Registered Service

We are fully licensed to carry and dispose of waste and are registered with SEPA.


The government require anyone handling waste to be licensed. In this license we must disclose the type of waste which we handle and carry.
Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

Thistle Removals SEPA registration number is SEA/073587
Without this license and relevant documentation, waste centres are unable to accept waste. The purpose of this is to ensure that waste is categorised and appropriately disposed of.

Rubbish Clearances Edinburgh

If the waste comes from your home, the duty of care law does apply to you as well. If you give waste to someone you must make sure that they are a registered waste carrier and therefore authorised to remove it and dispose of it in a responsible manner.

If you require more information regarding this then please see the SEPA website.

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