Residential Care

Moving into Residential Care

Thistle Removals Company Edinburgh are your first choice if you are organising the move of a relative into residential care. We will combine our vast experience and staff professionalism and compassion with the house clearance to make everything a little bit easier for you and your loved one.

Personal Belongings

There will be some personal items and some smaller pieces of furniture, which your relative will want to take with them, we can deliver these to the new residence during the clearance.

Family Items

There may be some family items which you wish to be delivered to either your address or another family member. We can do this for you, as we can deliver anywhere in the UK. We also use an excellent overseas furniture shipper who can deliver anywhere overseas.

Furniture Valuation

We can organise for a valuation of any furniture and personal items that your relative no longer requires and wishes to sell.We can deliver the sale-able items to the appropriate auction house.

Waste Disposal

As we are a registered waste carrier, we can then dispose of all unsaleable items and rubbish.

Property Cleaning

We also offer a full cleaning service for the property.


We would meet with the relatives/representative prior to removal to discuss the client’s individual needs. We always work closely with the family to give support and help, this makes this difficult transition less stressful for all involved.

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